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 Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in Project Management,

Land Development, Amenity Construction, Homebuilding, Marketing, Real Estate Sales,

and HOA Activities. Our ability to build strong, sustainable relationships with our

Clients, Trade Partners and Regulatory Agencies is our greatest asset in the Market. 

Nurturing and growing those relationships have enabled us to build a

track record of consistently delivering on schedule and budget. 

Dave started his career as a Guest Service Manager at the Walt Disney Company after graduating from Michigan State University.  A year later he decided to move to Charlotte North Carolina to get involved in the rapidly growing homebuilding market and has immersed himself in that industry ever since.  Over the years, he accumulated a broad base of experience working with David Weekley Homes a national homebuilder, True Homes a regional homebuilder, and Miller Classic Homes a local custom homebuilder.  Each of those opportunities taught Dave a new discipline within the industry and expanded his knowledge base to include all aspects of development, sales, and construction. 

Charlotte is a compassionate communicator that believes strongly in the importance of providing the backdrop and opportunities for families to make memories and companies to reach their fullest connection potential.  With a background in marketing, event management and sponsorship development, our well-rounded partnership is based on the idea that attention to details and reliable communication are the foundation to building strong relationships.

In the summer of 2016 Dave and his wife Charlotte decided to use the combination of skills and relationships they’ve acquired over the past 16 years to become partners by creating Four South Group.  They strongly believe what sets Four South Group apart is the desire to serve others, the ability to build strong sustainable relationships, and the professionalism to execute plans on schedule and on budget with exceptional quality. 

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